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SubjectRe: Driver optimization.
Khan M. Klatt graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge:
> How can a microkernel approach be modified to allow binary compatibility?

Something that i've always wanted to do is write a module for
i386 linux that you could insmod, and add sparc (a.out & elf) binary support
to your machine -- i assume you could always add some more #ifdefs to
the code and put stuff in there for other archs. also. I don't have
the time or the sparc specs to write all the conversion stuff, but you'd
have to do lotsa hacking on code to get it right, but having something like
that where you could compile in support for other platforms binary stuff
(sorta like ibcs for intel), and run wabi for sparc (the wabi cd comes
with both i386 and sparc stuff, so I guess you could do the ibcs with it),
on your intel box.

It'd be hell though, i must say..

- jared

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