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SubjectRe: Simple, effective boot graphic (fwd)
At 18:41 06/30/96, Mark Menard wrote:
>This is so stupid. If you want a neat graphic at boot up get a damned
>mac. If you want x for your login set it in inittab. If you boot a real
>OS a someone in this discussion pointed out you get messages. If
>something goes wrong you can trouble shoot it. Try that with a mac when
>it sh*ts the bed.

Well, if you've got MacsBug installed you get dropped into the debugger
where you can find out what went wrong. If you don't have MacsBug installed
you can start up with extensions off and install it. You can also use
something like Conflict Catcher or NOW Utilities to isolate the extension
that caused the problem.

No offense, but it's totally irrelevant. I think having a friendlier boot
process is a good thing, it helps make the system less intimidating to new
users. Let's nto get into the Real versus Not Real OS thing okay?

As long as I've got access to the boot messages somehow I don't
particularly care whether I could read them as they flashed by at boot
time. Besides, the suggestion has been made that there be a command line
option to disable the graphic. This also is a Good Thing. Surely a solution
that allows those of us who like boot time graphics to have them and those
of you who don't to not have them; can be accepted?


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