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SubjectRe: Freezing....
Date (John E. Davis) writes:

>On Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:31:13 -0300 (EST), Isamar Maia <>
> : It's freezing online the the virtual console that I'm using at that
> : moment temporarily. I can switch to other VC and continue my work until
> : the first comes back. That's it.

>I have seen freezing with 2.0.0 as well. For example, I often run make
>locally in X windows to an NSF mounted disk. The make process sometimes
>freezes and does not repond to any signals generated from the keyboard (^Z,
>^C, ^\, etc...). The network appears fine because I am able to telnet to the
>machine that is the server for the NSF mounted disk as well as interact with
>that disk from another XWindow. `strace' indicates that make is in a wait
>system call. I have also seen this behavoir with another program so I do
>not think it is a bug in make.

My machine has had a few freezes too now. After installing 2.0.0 it's been
up for about 9 days. Then it decided to crash and ever since it's been freezing
every 2 to 3 days. I can switch vc's, but not even enter a name.

When I came home today, it had decided not to accept incoming connections
anymore. The only way to get to a shell was via the vc, rlogin and telnet did
nothing and ssh stopped after I entered a password. This was fixed after (yet
another) reboot.

The BBS that is listening on ports 23 and 1976 was behaving as normal though.

- Peter.

Peter Lieverdink <> Finger for PGP-KEY
Sysadmin Monolith BBS <>

"If god were a liberal we would have had the ten suggestions."

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