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SubjectRe: Ext2 speedup (No atime update), concerns
On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Erik Corry wrote:

> : well one such little point is POSIX conformance
> Yes, the default should remain to update the atime, but there may
> well be people who don't mind losing a little POSIX conformance in
> return for better performance. Me for example.
> This patch could also be useful for people who spin down their disk
> drives after a certain period of inactivity. At the moment the
> disk gets spun up again to write the atime every time some daemon
> (like cron) wakes up and reads a file that was in the cache anyway.
> So it will probably be popular with laptop owners.
> I'll be using this patch, and I hope it makes it into 2.1.

i got warned by the author, that you cant use this for ordinary
filesytstems, since some applications rely on this behaviour. One thing is
"new mail checking". I'm sure i dont want to loose/change such a feature

Things get messy if you go breaking standards :(

-- mingo

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