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SubjectIP Masquerading

I am having some trouble with IP Masquerading with kernel 1.99.10
that I did not have with 1.3.98

When I FTP now I recieve a
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful.
425 Can't build data connection: Host is unreachable.

I have been unable to FIND a Masquerading FAQ. The one site I have seen from the NET-2-HOWTO is unresponsive and has been for weeks.

I have masquerading partially working. It works with TCP but it seems
that UDP services are not.. It *WAS* working for me with an earlier
kernel. I did not do extensive testing, however. Actually, come to
think of it, it may not have been working before earlier. I was using
Netscape to FTP which I think uses TCP. I dunno. If someone could
point me to a FAQ I'd be much appreciated. As of right now, I don't know
if masquerading even supports UDP yet or I just have set it up wrong.
(I did it via trial-and-error)

Any help would be appreciated.

-Mike M

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