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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Jon Tombs wrote:

> so instead of several 2-3Mb Xservers you suggest several 2-3Mb Kernel
> loadable modules??? Great a driver bug now crashes the system rather
> than just leaving the display in graphics mode. I'll agree that a
> keyboard sequence that calls restore_textmode would be nice but a Graphics
> API in the kernel isn't really possible and will never happen anyway...

Do you _really_ think the drivers will be that big? X has evolved into a
somewhat bloated beast, and for example, the SVGA server (which I use)
has support for countless cards + accelerator functions I don't need. The
kernel module would just contain the lowest level code, and I can imagine
selecting which card/chipset you have to be done via make config.

We have support for countless weird and exotic scsi controllers, I can't
imagine the individual video drivers being that much different in size,
take a look at some of the source code for individual chipsets in the
XF86_* servers.

Something that hurts Linux at the moment is the lack of support of some
gfx chipsets, whereas network cards/cdroms/scsi cards etc. all enjoy
nearly complete support for all brands as they are in the mainstream
kernel. A similar situation for gfx cards would be pleasant.

People can rage on about their hate for more than just textmode video
support in the kernel, but in the end it'll be a "don't bloody select the
option at make config time if you don't want it". I guess this message is
a kind of "shut up in the meantime".

It's a shame to see people violently against the idea, and saying so,
when there are as many people who want this support. It must be very
discouraging for the people who are putting a *lot* of free time and
effort into the GGI project.

It's also clear that both sides here are not going to be budged by
arguements/insults by the other side, so perhaps it's time for everyone
to calm down, let the GGI people get on with their work without hassle,
ignore the results if you so desire (config option), and take this
flamebait topic elsewhere. It's been argued before, people.


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