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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.
On Mon, 3 Jun 1996, Marcus Meissner wrote:

> I agree with Linus, but mostly due to the fact, that X is a protocol which
> supports REMOTE graphics as well as local. Restricting oneselves to
> local, linux-only things as SVGAlib or CGI in fact INCREASES portability/
> compatibilty problems.

I believe you are missing the point heavily. The kernel will only handle
VERY low level stuff under GGI, ie

"Copy this rectangle from here to here with this logical operation, as
fast as you can, using accelerator functions/blt engines if available"


"Set these colour registers"


"Kernel, am I in textmode or not?" <---- needed badly!!

X would be the same as you've always known it, just a lot less bloated,
and more than likely quicker, once it supports the new system calls, as
things in the kernel tend to be

a) Well supported (ie more cards will eventaully be accelerated)
b) Less bloated (many people working on kernel to tune performance)
c) Bug free (if they aren't, people soon find the bugs and cause them to
be corrected!)


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