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Subject1.99.10: can't umount nfs/CD-ROM
Hello Everyone,

I'm observing what appears to be a bug in (probably) the nfs
code. If I mount a CDROM locally, access it, then umount it, there are
no problems. But if I mount a CDROM locally (and export it), then NFS
mount it from another machine on my LAN, access it, and try to umount it,
I may or may not be able to. I get: device busy
Yes, I have made sure that no-one is accessing it, it's nobody's
cwd, etc. Yes, I try umounting it from the NFS client first; both client
and server return the "device busy" error.
Above, I said "may or may not". It seems that if I umount it
right after I'm done using it, it's okay. But if the machines sits idle
overnight, then it's hopeless. Even if I reboot the client, the server
will still not umount the disk.
I will do more research later tonight, trying different media such
as hard drive partitions and floppy disks. The server: 1.99.10 with sbpcd
and IDE CD-ROM drives (all modular: NFS, isofs, sbpcd, ethernet, etc).
The client: 1.2.13 various dist., such as Red Hat 3, Linux-FT and Caldera

Thank you for any help,

# B. James Phillippe # System Administrator []
# <> ~

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