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SubjectRe: Desktop [was: Crap: CONFIG...TCP...]
> On Sat, 25 May 1996, Lauri Tischler wrote:
> > Anno Domini 24 May 96 at 10:58, William E. Roadcap wrote:
> > > Although I see your point, and agree to a _certain_ extent, there are many of
> > > us who want to see Linux become a mainstream success. Although I hate to
> > > make a comparison to DOS and Windows, those OS's (can we call them that?)
> > -- maybe we can call 'em 'bios extensions' -- :)
> >
> > > became such successes partly because they fit the desktop so well.
> >
> > No, thats not true. They became successes because they have USER
> > APPLICATIONS available. The lack of applications is a _major_
> > problem before Linux can become a mainstream success.
> And why do you think those user apps where written for those OSs.
> Because they fit the "users'" desktop....
> Don't forget, when DOS became popular it was at a time when Unix could
> not be run on a desktop machine (not enough resources).
> Anyway, fitting the desktop is an important part of the equation but not
> the only part, I concede.

Yes. Star Office is on the way and is announced to be available beginning July.

> > I can just see myself going to the secretarial pool and say
> > 'Hey girls, over the weekend we have formatted your disks and replaced
> > MS Windows and Word and Excel with this new wonderfull Linux stuff
> > and Latex, go for it'.
> Yea, Yea, do it! Ha! Ha! ;-)

What do _You_ think happens in an university environment? If the Professor
wants to use LaTeX for his book (i.e. H.W. Schuessler, FAU Erlangen, Dierk Schroeder, TU Muenchen)
Guess what? The "girls" will learn it, and if it runs as smoothly as it should and can,
they will like it! Yes, some people here even write letters with LaTeX!
And LaTeX with Linux and X is surely preferable to LaTeX with DOS or Windows.

> __
> William E. Roadcap
> TITUS Software
> Waynesboro, Va (USA)
+--+ Hartmut

Hartmut Niemann
Zum Aussichtsturm 18 D-91080 Marloffstein

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