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SubjectRe: SVGA kernel chipset drivers.

NOTE: I have not written the mail Linus replied to, "John M. Taylor" did.

> > On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Marcus Meissner wrote:
> > > datasegment just as WINE does? Ok, will only work on i386 and friends.
> > > ... (See modify_ldt system call.)
> >
> > Which is no good. Linux should be as cross-platform as possible,
> > right? Then we need a uniform graphics API.

> Are you really that dense?
> We HAVE a uniform graphics API already. It's called X.
> When you argue for kernel support for graphics, you argue _against_ the already
> existing, standard UNIX graphics API that does a hell of a lot more than some
> stupid frame buffer.
> THAT is why this discussion is so totally useless. You're just asking for the
> kernel to support something that is _less_ capable than we already have. Do you
> think I'm so stupid that I'd go for something as braindead as that?

I agree with Linus, but mostly due to the fact, that X is a protocol which
supports REMOTE graphics as well as local. Restricting oneselves to
local, linux-only things as SVGAlib or CGI in fact INCREASES portability/
compatibilty problems.

The programmers call it 'easier' but in fact it isn't, if they try to port it
to other platforms/architectures/OSes they have to redesign everything.

(This is not an argument against CGI, but more against lazy programmers ;)


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