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SubjectRe: No atime
Alan Cox wrote:
> I'd make two observations
> 1. Usenet is such an obnoxious special case its worth supporting for
> spool disks
> 2. Someone try noatime and measure laptop battery life.
> ALan

Hi All,

I placed the database for Norton Administrator for Networks
on a Linux box a few months ago. The metering agent runs on the
client box and caches the license data, monitoring the database
for changes.

The NAN agent would trigger a read of the database each time
the file was accessed, so I had 30 or so nodes updating their cache
eache time one of them READ the database. All the real RAM (8Mb) was
consumed and 14Mb or so of swapfile.

This patch would have been a lifesaver for me in that case! I
do realize the importance of closely following standards, but we
should be able to support special cases as needed. That's just one
of the many advantages of Linux, right!

BTW: My system ran for a couple of days under the load before I was
able to make other arrangements for the NAN database. While it
slowed things down a bit, everyone was able to access their
shares on the server.

James Hughes

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