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SubjectRe: Alan's bug catalogue
In, article <>,
I wrote:
> SCSI with AHA1542 cannot be loaded entirely as module: SCSI DMA seems to
> get corrupted (most obviously when accessing a CD-ROM).
The point where things break seems to be loading the aha1542 driver as a

Steps to reproduce the problem:
- Compile a kernel with scsi.
- Load aha1542 and sr_mod.
- Mount a CD-ROM.
-> SCSI DMA out-of-memory, disabling scatter-gather, ...

- Compile a kernel with scsi and aha1242.
- Load sr_mod.
- Mount the same CD-ROM.
-> No problem at all.

Right now I don't know where to look further. :-/

An economist is an expert who can tell you tomorrow why his
prediction of yesterday didn't come true today.
Matthias Urlichs

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