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SubjectBroken flock emulation
     I recently built a new system for the company i work for. I 
installed Linux on it a couple of weeks ago, (the slakware 3.0 version)
and compiled a 1.3.89 kernel for it. I have been running the 1.3.89 on
my home system for about a month with no trouble.
The kernel on my new machine has been giving me two annoying
messages. One is the socket destroy delayed message ive seen others
post, and the other is one that says:

"fcntl_setlk() called by process "#" (agetty with broken flock() emulation"

I have been using linux for about a year, and running development kernels
since 1.3.17 and have never seen this one before.

Any insight would be appreciated.
Thanks: LN

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