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SubjectRe: tty->count ?
I had it before. I think you have a messed up /dev/console. If I remember
correctly, you have delete /dev/console and remake the node (couldn't find
my old post on it). Don't ask me how or why. (Somebody help me here)



On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Jon Lewis wrote:

> Can someone tell me what these mean...running 1.3.72?
> Warning: dev (04:da) tty->count(2) != #fd's(3) in tty_open
> Warning: dev (04:da) tty->count(2) != #fd's(3) in release_dev
> They seem to have coincided with an in.ntalkd request...they were reported
> many times/sec until the in.ntalkd process (which was chewing 30% cpu
> time) was killed. I kind of wonder if it was coincidence or an attack.
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