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SubjectFollowup on NFS writing
This is a followup on the note I posted about, oh, an hour ago on slow NFS
writing under Linux 2.0.

Several people responded immediately about rsize and wsize options with
mount. They were not being used, partly because the manual pages we have
for mount mention nothing about it. I had considered this stuff because we
had been messing with this on our HP systems quite a while ago, but when I
was unable to readily find some info on it, I lost sight of the
rsize/wsize idea. I do have other Linux networking FAQs and such lying
around, but due to work demands, I haven't had time to do the research
lately. Real bummer.

I logged on to one of our Linux systems from home, tweaked the rsize and
wsize settings, and saw the writing throughput go from 42K per second to
200K per second. As Linus pointed out, as and ld will continue to hurt
performance, but that's normal.

Thanks for y'all's help.

Christopher A. Smith
Arlington VA *

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