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SubjectRe: Network performance
> One system that used this extensively was the Domain Software Engineering
> Environment (DSEE). DSEE provided version control (among other things). A
> file under DSEE control could be referred to as: .../library/file to refer
> to the latest version of the file or as .../library/file/revision to refer
> to a particular revision of the file. This made it really easy to do things
> like fetch the versions of all files that were used to build a particular
> release, etc.

Interesting scheme. Not however impossible to handle. As far as Linux is
concerned so long as something talks to the VFS layer as a filesystem it
can do what it likes below. Thus you can have a file system that sits
over an ext2fs making calls through to ext2 but which hooks itself into
the namei handling to do type handlers.


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