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SubjectAudio CD's

I'm seing something very wierd with audio CD's and a linux box. All the
programs I use to play them (playcd, workbone really) show tracks 1-8
fine, then track nine is negative (total len of tracks 1-8) track 10-14
are all 0 length, then track 15 is the real length of track 15 + total len
of tracks 1-8) (Yes, it's ugly.)

For instance: (all tracks 61 seconds long)
1: 1:01
2: 1:01
3: 1:01
7: 1:01
8: 1:01
9: -8:-8
10: 0:00
11: 0:00
14: 0:00
15: 9:09
16: 1:01

(Track 15 appears to be real track nine, all of them are offset)

This showed up in kernels 1.3.70 something and 2.0.0. Is this
a form of copy protection on the CD's? If it was one, I'd be suspicious,
but all of theme seem to have the same results. Very strange.
Anyway, it's a scsi quad speed CD, and I can poke around it with whatever
if someone has any ideas. I could probably hack the driver to cut tracks
9-15 but I'd prefer know what happened. Unless the kernel interface has
changed perhaps? I couldn't get workman to compile when I recompiled
playcd it still showed 25 tracks on a 19 track cd. (same timing
problems as well) Hey, I like track nine on some of my CD's! So how
can I get to play it?

(Any poking required, lemme know and I'll poke.)


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