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SubjectRe: Kernel Panic: VFS...

: I have Intel 486DX2 66, 16MB Ram.
: Ide drive, Maxtor 2595 cyls, 16 heads, 63 sects. and 1.336MB
: capacity(documentation), but the bios indicate 1277MB only; that is the
: first problem.
: At the moment I'm trying to install Linux 1.2.XX or 1.3.XX kernel.

: These are my ide drive partitions

: /dev/hda1 => 450 MB for Dos (theoretically cyls < 1023)
: /dev/hda2 => ~ 200 Extended Dos partition
: /dev/hda3 => ~ 650MB Linux partition
: /dev/hda4 => ~ 30MB (theoretically) for swap

: To format this drive, I used "logical" geometry 648/64/63, and I have built
: a new kernel.
: But during the boot session the system sends these messages.
: listed the most important ones)

: ... bread failed ...

Well, it surely looks like the kernel is using the true geometry,
while you set up DOS with a fake geometry.
If you want to boot Linux, give it boot parameters telling what
fake geometry you want to use.
(Something like `hd=cyls,heads,sects' - read the bootparam HOWTO
or bootparam.7.)

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