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SubjectRe: BIOS question
> I am running a P5-133 with AMI BIOS v. 1.00.05 BR0T as reported at boot
> time, and an AHA 2940 with BIOS reported as v 1.2 at boot time
> I noticed that dmesg | grep BIOS gives
> pcibios_init : BIOS32 Service Directory structure at 0x000fcf70
> pcibios_init : BIOS32 Service Directory entry at 0xfcf80
> pcibios_init : PCI BIOS revision 2.10 entry at 0xfcfa1
> Where does the 2.10 come from?

This bios does not refer to the computer's rom "BIOS". This "BIOS" is part of
the linux kernel and is compiled in when you make the kernel. The revision
2.10 refers to a revision of the pci bus architecture. That is more of a
hardware thing. Any pci card that complies with the 2.10 or earlier revision
should work in that pci bus.

The reason your AMI BIOS version and AHA version isn't reported is simply once
the linux kernel is booted it doesn't use BIOS, (note there is a section of the
kernel that is called BIOS, but it doesn't use any of the computer's bios).

> Also, is there a way to get the system BIOS in a running system? I can
> get it by watching the screen at boot time of course.

In at nutshell, it doesn't need it, it doesn't use it, why should it report it?
It would be in sense just as pointless to find out what dos version or windows
version you also have on your computer. It doesn't use dos/windows/bios code
so why should it care what revision it is?

I'm not an expert on it though.

> Thanks,
> -sen
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