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SubjectRe: libc types [was: SCSI device numbering]
Eric Youngdale:

: >Not so pessimistic. I plan to submit a series of patches to the kernel
: >so that it (i) gets a kdev_t that is a pointer to a structure,
: >(ii) gets new, versioned, stat and mknod system calls,
: >iii) learns about a new struct stat, with larger dev_t,
: >here all of this works with the current libc.

: Actually I ask that you *dont* add new stat, mknod, etc syscalls.
: You should add xstat, xmknod, etc instead. The idea was that eventually
: xstat() and friends would eventually become a syscall instead of a wrapper
: in libc, and this would basically solve a lot of the backwards compatibility
: issues.

Of course. But that is what I said (or meant to say) - look at the `, versioned,'.


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