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SubjectUDI - Uniform Driver Interface

I've just downloaded this page :

and think it might interest people reading
these mailing lists. Look below for a short

Hope it helps !!



Abstract (taken from the page) :

The Uniform Driver Interface (UDI) allows device
drivers to be portable across both hardware platforms
and operating systems without any changes to the driver
source. With the participation of multiple OS,
platform and device hardware vendors, UDI is the first
interface which is likely to achieve such portability
on a wide scale. UDI provides an encapsulating environment
for drivers with well-defined interfaces which isolate
drivers from OS policies and from platform and I/O bus
dependencies. This allows driver development to be totally
independent of OS development. In addition, the UDI
architecture insulates drivers from platform specifics such
as byte-ordering, DMA implications, multi-processing,
interrupt implementations and I/O bus topologies.

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