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SubjectRe: 2.0.0 Bug(?) - Not exec'ing scripts
On Tue, 25 Jun 1996 07:18:51 -0400, Mike Black <>
: However, they wouldn't restart. My startup script for them mv's the log
: files and even THAT wasn't executing! I then noticed that for the last
: couple days my cron jobs hadn't been executing. However, I could log-in and
: do vi, ls, etc. Since this was the file server for my company I couldn't
: spend any time debugging this (though I SHOULD have done an strace at minimum).

I have noticed something similar in 2.0.0 (also several times when it
1.3.xx). I tend to run `make' alot and every few days make locks up. It
does not respond to any signals from the keyboard (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Z, etc).
strace shows that make is sitting in WAIT. I wonder if something is wrong
in the fork system call. I am using libc5.2.18 and I am using the version
of make that has the dirent fix.

John E. Davis Center for Space Research/AXAF Science Center
617-258-8119 MIT 37-662c, Cambridge, MA 02139

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