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SubjectRe: real kernel bloat
Alex Krimkevich (alex@magneton-ra.swmed.EDU) wrote:
: I run 2.0 kernel, networking is built in, not a module. My ethernet
: card is 3c509. Not as good as yours, but manages 800 Kb/s on the
: same machine ftping from the same host under NT. As a matter of fact,
: I remember seeing transfer rates similar to that under 1.3.20.
: So, probably, it's not a hardware deficiencies.

Just for curiosity I tested 4 computers. The results are pretty
interesting, I do not try interpret them here. Any comments?

amber - old i386, 24MHz, no cache, ISA, RLL(!) HD, 8Mb, NE2000, v1.99.9
lar - Pentium, 133MHz, 512k cache, PCI, AIC, 64Mb, 3c590, v1.99.9
dee - Pentimu, 133MHz, 256k cache, PCI, AIC, 32Mb, 3c590, v2.0.0
flint - SS20, 50MHz, 1Mb cache, SBus, ???????, 64Mb, lance, SunOS-5.4

Transfers targeted to disk are shown only for amber;
at other hosts disk and /dev/null show the same results.


amber:/dev/null <- flint
1906992 bytes received in 4.33 secs (4.3e+02 Kbytes/sec)
amber:disk <- flint
1906992 bytes received in 9.71 secs (1.9e+02 Kbytes/sec)

amber:/dev/null <- lar
4509132 bytes received in 6.96 secs (6.3e+02 Kbytes/sec)
amber:disk <- lar
4509132 bytes received in 15.6 secs (2.8e+02 Kbytes/sec)

lar:/dev/null <- flint
1906992 bytes received in 1.98 secs (9.4e+02 Kbytes/sec)

flint:/dev/null <- lar
4509132 bytes received in 4.32 secs (1e+03 Kbytes/sec)


amber:/dev/null <- flint (1907Kb)
0:04.70elapsed -> 406Kb/sec

lar:/dev/null <- flint (1907Kb)
0:02.02elapsed -> 944Kb/sec

flint:/dev/null <- lar (4509Kb)
real 5.8 -> 777Kb/sec

flint <- lar is pretty low. Maybe, is Linux NFS server slow? Let's check:

dee:/dev/null <- lar (4509Kb)
0:05.09elapsed -> 886Kb/sec

Alexey Kuznetsov.

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