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    SubjectRe: possible SCSI device numbering solution
    >> The major number is useful for character devices, which can be
    >> split 12:20. For block devices, a block device is just a block
    >> device. If you just need a major number to fill some software
    >> "need", then just make it 0 for all block devices.
    > Huh? The major number is the pointer to the driver; this has to be
    > encoded one way or the other, and it might as well be done uniformly
    > and efficiently. I'd go for 12:20 if it is deemed enough (which I am
    > not really sure about), but dropping the major is a ludicrous idea.

    If you want consistency, then try this for block devices:

    4 type
    4 controller
    4 bus
    8 device
    8 lun
    4 partition

    That gets you a 12:20 split with enough information in the major.

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