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SubjectRe: possible SCSI device numbering solution

The problem seems to me to be a matter of being able to
identify a drive. Ultimatly you want to be able to move
the drive about, and controllers, change the drive ID.

What NT does is places a tag on the drive, when it first
sees it. This means that it can identify the drive later
and remember drive mappings for it.

Why don't we do a similar thing, tag the drives, and then
generate the device name based on the tag, or a known
label associated with the tag. The partition number would
then become a number postfixed to the drive label.


Or some similar naming scheme.

# df

Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/sdlin2.0-1 397500 219206 157764 58% /
/dev/sdlin2.0-2 397516 207934 169051 55% /var
/dev/sdoffice-data-1 1175276 725357 389196 65% /WORK
/dev/sdsrckits-1 1032538 456570 522619 47% /A

If we're going to do it to SCSI, we should probably do it to
other mass media devices also (IDE for starters).

I've noticed that on Solaris the device name for CDroms
is built from the volume label (maybe this would be usefull,
especially with a jukebox).

Labeling like this would also have a big advantage when
swapping drives in/out in a recovery situation.

(Put the backup drive on line (different SCSI unit #),
relabel it, and mount) - No muchking about with
fstab in case the system restarts - I know this one,
I mount a replacement drive, forget to edit fstab, and
get a call at some obscene time of the morning when the
thing fails to mount the replaced drive.

Usefull also with the automounter.

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