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SubjectRe: Re-nice kswapd B-)
>I guess this is another case of: 
> Root wants to shoot himself in the foot; do we:
> a) supply the gun, or
> b) return -EPERM and slap him in the head.
>Take your pick.

During system configuration, we will ask whether the kernel
should supply a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, or anti-aircraft gun.
Each gun may be compiled into the kernel, or loaded as a module
(manually or by kerneld). If multiple guns are configured, the
"tunegun" command may be used to select the primary gun at runtime.
There will be a kerneld facility to play a user-specified sound effect
on /dev/audio whenever a gun is fired.

Foot selection will be a user-level issue, but, for SysV
compatability, it will be accomplished by targeting a shoe, which may
be mounted on whichever foot is desired. However, /dev/shoe will have
to wait for the implementation of 32-bit device numbers before
accomodating the needs of timeshared systems with large numbers of
shod users, or power users such as Imelda Marcos.


Craig Milo Rogers

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