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SubjectBoot Failure
I have Cyrux 5x86 System with Windows running on first ide drive 540MB
and linux on second ide drive(hdb) 1.0GB. I was using the OS2 boot loader to
boot dos or linux.

1. Last weekend I changed the system configuration as given below

1.1 Changed /etc/fstab such that my linux file system point to /dev/hda?
instead of /dev/hdb?

1.2. Shutdown my system

1.3. Changed the jumper settings on the disk drives such that my linux is
primary and windows is secondary. Change the CMOS settings so that on
CMOS the C drive is now linux 1.0GB and D drive is the windows 540MB.

1.4. Booted linux of floppy and reconfigured the lilo configuration using
liloconfig such that lilo should install itself on MBR on the /dev/hda
and also configured lilo to boot windows.

2. Here is the situation now

2.1 Turn on the system. The system detects the dives and comes up to LILO
boot: prompt and but fails to boot to linux. It gives the following

Loading Linux .....
Uncompressing Linux .......

CRC Error

System Halted

2.2 If I select dos at lilo boot prompt I am able to boot windows

2.3 I can boot from floppy by the following argument

LILO mount root=/dev/hda1

The problem is my boot floppy is linux 1.1.59 and the kernel does not
under stand any scsi devices and at this point I can can not access the
SCSI disk drives which I used for data purposes.

3. So at this point the system is practically stranded.

Ramneek Singh Randhawa MSGID : RSRT, E-Mail :
Software Systems Engineer GROUP-ID : UNIX
UNIX Systems and Services PHONE : 214 997-2548, GROUP : N/A
Semi Conductor Group & Intl. A-Pager : 214 598-0313, Fax : 214 997-2420
Texas Instruments PC Drop : N/A
Mailing Address - M/S 8366, P.O. Box 655303, Dallas Tx. 75265
Shipping Address - M/S 8366, 8330 LBJ Fwy. Dallas Tx. 75243

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