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SubjectOracle for Linux? (was Re: kernel bloat)

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996 wrote:

> Lets stop this thread. Noone is bashing Linux, it has undeniable performance
> benchmarks (see David's post) but there are still a lot of people out there
> that dont have the liberty to run Linux on mission critical systems.
> When I see an Oracle database port for Linux I will be the first to shout
> "Hallelueah!!!!!!!"
> Btw, has anyone discussed this to Oracle? Many government groups use
> Oracle or Sybase and if a company like Oracle showed enough faith in
> Linux, then my bosses would probably follow.

In April a friend of mine was at some Oracle conference or so and after the
event he talked with an Oracle man. He told my friend that Oracle 'due to
popular demand' really consider porting their database to Linux after 2.0
shows up, and maybe even selling it for less money (rather hard to believe)
than for other platforms.

Even if there are no so plans I think it's nice that Oracle official
know about Linux and that kernel 2.0 is coming soon (again, it was April).

> Melvin


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