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SubjectNetwork performance
> Alan is right, for those misbelieveing folks here is how SparcLinux
> fares on the _same_ exact hardware against SunOS4.1.4 (last official
> release) and Solaris2.5 The punchline is that the SparcLinux box is
> running lmbench SunOS binaries in syscall emulation mode. Also note
> that the TCP bandwidth numbers are completely misleading on the
> Solaris end of things, they just memcpy() the data and control never
> leaves the IP layer for localhost TCP sockets. As proof of this,
> Linux has the world record for over the wire TCP latency, Solaris had
> the record on UltraSparc 100Mb/s ether, but nowadays Linux on a
> pentium with half the CPU horsepower as the Ultra can get packets onto
> a 100Mb/s wire faster than _anyone_, I repeat, _anyone_ on the planet.

According to the BSD FAQ, Linux networking is terrible.
Please send your benchmarks and explanation to the maintainer:

Dave Burgess, comp.unix.bsd FAQ maintainer,

I'm not sure if it is possible to get them to stop trashing Linux,
but perhaps we can get benchmarks to an honest BSD person.

Note that they also continue to spread rumours that Linus might be
selling Linux to Novell.

(Followups to linux-offtopic I think. I just want to make sure
everyone with a networking benchmark sees this so they can send it.)

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