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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist, new version
>                            Wishlist for Linux 2.2.0

> * Handle SAK and Ctrl-Alt-Del

... *in raw keyboard mode*. They are already handled, of course - only
the default keymap doesn't define SAK but it's no big problem to change
it using loadkeys. Maybe it should be set to some key combination by
default, so that the user can expect a standard SAK. If I remember
correctly, the original patch mapped the SAK to Ctrl-SysRq. But SAK
and Ctrl-Alt-Del still don't work in raw mode.

> * Cleaner code for swap files (FAT now supports bread())

Another minor correction: bmap, not bread.

A few more ideas (not mine, just trying to make sure we don't forget

* get memory size using INT 15h, EAX=E801h - no more 64MB limit
* update the kernel PLL to the current xntpd specs
* support 64-bit file sizes according to the proposed standard



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