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SubjectLoopback directory mounts

Is anybody working on loopback directory mounts for Linux? (I don't mean
the loopback filesystem mounts in the kernel now)
More like the ones in SunOs where you can do something like
mount -t lo /var /local/var
Someone (a swiss guy) did some work on this 100's of kernel versions ago
(he tried to implement more than the simple loopback mount which is
prolly the reason why it didn't get stable and was put in the kernel)

Does someone want to revive it? (I was thinking about it but i don't think
i have enough knowledge on doing it. Maybe if someone wants to work on it
with me together)
I prefer just doing the simple mount and not all the extras he wanted to
implement (that just asks for bugs)
It basically involves keeping a virtual file system which actually just
calls the real filesystems functions witht he right parameters (on the

Please someone reply :) This is something I'd love to see in the later
kernels. It basically works instead of symbolic links and is much safer
because it can't just be "erased" like symbolic links it's much nicer and
if Sun implemented it i bet there are more reasons for it :) (OK don't
flame me on this one)



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Andi Gutmans - Computer Science, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion)


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