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SubjectRe: SCSI device numbering (was: Re: Ideas for v2.1
>> Come to think of it, most of this could probably already be done in
>> userspace, by dynamically creating devices at boot time. All that
>> needs to be done is writing a small program that scans /proc/scsi,
>> reads a configuration file and then creates new devices in /dev.
> Starting to sound like yet another version of /dev being
> completely dynamic. If I recall, there was some pressure to
> avoid this. I have no idea why (but what do I know...).

Some people think they need multiple /dev/null for remote printing
and a few device files for chrooted ftp daemons. If they really need
those things, then the programs are broken IMHO.

>> This looks so simple, I am sure I have probably missed some obvious
>> problem ;-/
> Luckily I've not heard of anyone using Linux aboard the space shuttle :-)
> (Imagine: Houston, we have a problem - our lp is on fire... )

It has been used on the space shuttle. Really.

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