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SubjectRe: possible SCSI device numbering solution
> There is little point going through the disruption that changing it would 
> be, to change it again, so we may as well go to a 64 bit dev_t. One
> thing tho, would we even need more than 65536 major devices? ie 16 bit
> major, 48 bit minor (or 281474976710656 minor numbers (2.8*10^14) ;)

I'm reminded of somebody saying, "they'll never need more than 640k". :-/

But anyhoot, 16/48 bit majors/minors seems reasonable to me.
Of course, this is a blind guess - we really should discuss how
majors/minors will be assigned and used first. We could easily gobble up
128-bits with a poor system, or, improve the current one and stick with

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