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SubjectRe: Cyrix anyone? (fwd)
On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Andrew E. Mileski wrote:

> > > It would be really interesting if Cyrix included in their engineering
> > > of their next design a publically available suite of code developed to
> > > run quickly on high-end intel platforms. [Say..., perhaps... Linux.]
> >
> > Cyrix is working with Linus to make sure Linux takes advantage of the
> > features of their chips. I think they started talking about 6 weeks ago.
> Somebody changed the topic, and this one slipped through...but anyways,
> comp.os.linux.announce mentions a Cyrix tuning module is available.

If you're talking about Edwin Lim's post, you'll note that it was talking
about Cyrix's 5x86 chips; (equivalent to souped-up 486 class Intel chips)...
*NOT* the Cyrix 6x86 class which outperform the fastest Pentium 166Mhz

When someone says "the features of their chips" I'm assuming it's the neat
innovative features (read: I have no idea what they are) of the 6x86 that
Cyrix has innovated, not the older, standard 486-like features of the 5x86
class of chips...


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