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SubjectFile Descriptors & Linux 2.0

I'm running linux 2.0 on an old Slackware system which has been
hacked/patched up to RedHat 3.0.3 & ELF.

I've built the kernel to use IP Aliasing and Interface Aliasing.

On the machine we have some users, mail, secondary DNS and 60+ virtual
web servers using Apache 1.0.5

We are running out of file descriptors on the machine. I noticed that
when I start /usr/sbin/named it attempts to bind to ALL the interfaces
(eth0:0, eth0:1 ... eth0:61) and runs out or file descriptors. If I
try to start the apache server after DNS is started it cannot open all
the log files and complains "Too many open files".

I have changed NR_OPEN & NR_FILES to 1024 in /usr/include/linux/??.h

Does anyone know if I've missed something? Is there a utility to
check how many files the kernel has available? Can I check how many
are open and who has them open?


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