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SubjectRe: Drawbacks of implementing undelete entirely in user
"Bob Allison writes"
|> I have a couple of file servers here made by a company called Network Appliance.
|> They have a feature called "snapshot" which seems to do everything about
|> undelete and more.
|> I'm not really sure of the kernel/user separation of this idea, but I think the
|> only kernel support that would be needed would be to not deallocate blocks until
|> all files in all snapshots are no longer referencing the block. Creating and
|> deleting snapshots could probably be done in user space from a cron job.
So it's doing sth. like hardlinking all files, right ? Then kernel support
is already available. As long as the link count stays above zero the file
can be accessed.

|> (BTW, making a snapshot of my 32GB file system (all drives form a single RAID
|> array) takes about 15-30 seconds.)
Sounds quite fast to me. But then, all the information should be in the cache
of the system already. Maybe it's a special feature of your RAID array ?
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