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SubjectRouting by source

I would like to mention to everyone that my routing by source patch for
linux 2.0 is available for ftp.
Included in the archive is a new route.c and a patch against the 2.0
source tree.

The main intent of this patch is to allow the specification of destination
routes based on the source address contained within the packet. In our
case, we are using it, in conjunction with our sdla/dlci drivers and Frame
Relay's CIRs to control the bandwidth available to certain services on our

WARNING: GateD absolutely does not like the kinds of setup that are
used with this patch. It will run on a patched kernel, but complains
bitterly about 2 interfaces with the same IPs, as well as having no way
to deal with the specification of source information within the config


Mike was here...

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