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Subject2.0.0 Bug(?) - Not exec'ing scripts
I had 2.0.0 up for 14+ days wen I had a nasty problem...scripts wouldn't
execute anymore. I noticed this with a Samba server (things wouldn't
print). I ended up killing nmbd and smbd and then restarting them.
However, they wouldn't restart. My startup script for them mv's the log
files and even THAT wasn't executing! I then noticed that for the last
couple days my cron jobs hadn't been executing. However, I could log-in and
do vi, ls, etc. Since this was the file server for my company I couldn't
spend any time debugging this (though I SHOULD have done an strace at minimum).

Moral of story is: If you noticed that cron jobs stop do an strace of the
scripts they run and see if you can pin this down. That's what I'll do if
(when) it happens again.
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