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SubjectRe: No Distribution is 2.0.0 Current
> Just for reference, Debian does not necessarily compile against the kernel
> anyway. Debian ships libc with it's own version of the kernel headers, from
> a "known stable" kernel. If you want the actual kernel headers from the

Urghhhh.. Dont compile any networking programs with Debian in that case
unless you mend the includes. Almost every network program will pick up
things like IP_OPTIONS and do security checks. If you don't get those
options built in then if you run 2.0 and don't have "Drop Source Routes"
enabled your machine is potentially vulnerable to basic attacks.

In terms of other things you probably have the wrong definitions for all
the core network structures. Since for some programs and libc that will
include a wrong struct msghdr its probably not good

I can see why they use different kernel headers for their libc build,
unfortunately for the debian people many tools decide if they are with 2.0
and software runs better with the right headers, while some stuff like gated
is just going to plain break with that scheme.


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