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SubjectRe: Class B, Name lookups? BUG
James L. McGill wrote:

> Would that explain why only the Linux systems are affected, while the
> Solaris, NT, 95 systems are affected?
> If so, is this a good thing or a bad thing for linux?
> If not, WHY does the solaris machine work where linux fails?

The answers to those questions are 'it might', 'that depends' and 'because it
mightn't' respectively. :)

Have you tried those alternatives from the same IP address as you are using
for your Linux machine ?

I'm not as convinced now that nslookup does use tcp. I don't have a copy
on this machine, only 'host' and it uses UDP so I haven't been able to double

Your strace suggests that the query was sent and nothing received before it
timed out. I see nothing to suggest that there is a problem with your linux
machine at all.

The send looks ok, you just get no response before the select() times out.
I'd be looking further afield.


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