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Subject2.0.0 lockup (SLIP bug?)

I have got the following message a few times on a machine running 2.0.0:

avl_neighbours: tree inconsistent with list.

which seems to indicate some kind of memory corruption. This always
happens after a few of these messages:

sl0: transmit timed out, bad line quality

No other messages are printed on the console, and the machine locks up.
I can switch consoles, but that's all.

The machine is running diald with a SLIP link. Config: ramdisk, eth2000,
SLIP (no header compression), ELF, floppy, Ext2 fs, serial, no hard disk.

The modem line is really poor, the modem drops carrier every 30 mins or
so. I have never been at the machine when a lockup happened, so I can only
assume the it is triggered by losing the modem line.

Does anybody have any idea what goes wrong?

Johan Myreen

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