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SubjectRe: Cyrix anyone?
> Duuuh! If Cyrix used this info they would lose any court case.

Stop playing lawyer until you are. Look up "Trade Secret" in a basic book
on law you'll find various little things like, obtaining what was meant
to be "Trade Secret" info by an alternative (legal) route is just fine.

> That was my point. Sure we can use what we want, and even reverse
> engineer stuff...the big boys don't care about us (yet). It is an

The Linux people are very careful not to go reverse engineering stuff in an
illegal fashion. Please do the same with any PnP code. All the x86 stuff,
all the netware stuff has been done by people mostly through reading other
documents and by playing. For example the undocumented 4Mb page mode on the
pentium is hinted at all over the pentium docs and since the manual says
the page tables are "sharable with i860", and the i860 has a documented 4Mb
page mode......


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