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SubjectRe: Console as terminal on serial port
In article <>,
Graham Mitchell <> wrote:
>On 21 Jun 96 at 17:11, Danny ter Haar wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> Mark Buckaway <> wrote:
>> >
>> >Out of curiousity, has anyone done any work on configuring
>> >the kernel to boot up and use a serial port as the console?
>> >
>These work wonderfully..... However, make sure that your terminal
>software (or indeed terminal) doesnt generate a break as you switch
>it off, as this will place the system into the monitor. Other than
>this, a very useful patch, that I hope makes it into 2.1

Amazing! I couldn't get my UART to reckognize a break, so I
thought it was a defect in the serial driver.. Heh, SunOS has
the same problem with a serial console on it.. don't turn it
off ;). I'll make a new version that accepts a boot option
like "console_break=x", where x:

x=0: do not accept BREAKs
x=1 : like it is now
x>1 : listen for x breaks in succesion (within a few seconds)

Does that sound OK?


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