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Subjectmrouted problems
We have installed linux 2.0.0 and have mrouted (3.8) running on
the machine. We have successfully set up a tunnel between 2 networks.

1. Multicast packets are received at the linux end of the tunnel ( the
other end being a SS20 running Solaris 2.5 IP - ).

2. On the linux lan, another m/c joins the multicast
group successfully. We see that IGMP messages are being
exchanged between the group member and the mrouted

3. The group member is however NOT recieving mcast packets inspite
of being a member of the mcast group We made sure that
the ttls are properly set.

It seems like the linux router is not forwarding packets on to
the local lan. We wonder what the problem is. Could anyone out
there please help us ?

The debug messages of mrouted on the linux router is enclosed which
show the new member being added.

10:40:06.892 RECV neighbor probe from to
10:40:11.632 ageing entries
10:40:11.891 add cache entry ( gm:2,
10:40:11.895 RECV new member report from to
10:40:11.897 group joined on vif 0
10:40:16.632 ageing entries
10:40:16.634 SENT neighbor probe from to

Thanks in advance ...



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