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SubjectRe: Reproducible Oops's at startup
> I have found a reproducible bug.
> When I boot with a 2.0.0 kernel I get a few (eight) Oops's during startup.
> I'm running Debian 1.1 on a Cyrix 6x86 150+ (120 mhz) and a

!!EVERYONE!! A suggestion: Add the processor type compiled for and
detected to the boot messages.

Response to 'bug': Did you compile for a 386? Compiling for a 486
may work(??), but Pentium won't (Cyrix M1 != Pentium).

Andrew E. Mileski My home page
Linux Plug-and-Play Project Leader. See URL

Red Hat Software sponsors these pages - I have no other affilitation
with Red Hat Software, and I have never used any of their products.

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