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SubjectRe: Cyrix anyone?
> > So it is impossible to make a Pentium(Pro) clone, but you _can_
> > make a faster "mostly compatible" processor Like Cyrix has done.
> If the additional Pentium features are only available under NDA, then
> I'm guessing that Linux does not take use them. So for Linux an Intel
> chip has no advantage over a clone, correct?

Linux uses some Pentium features which are public, but which the Cyrix does
not support. A Pentium compiled kernel will not run correctly on a
a Cyrix processor. Luckily there are some Cyrix users who've been working
on a Cyrix patch for the kernel, which ought to help the Cyrix processor
run circles around an equivalently clocked Pentium.

Flame retardant: Cyrix has put out a wonderful processor that does it's
designed job (run Windows faster than a Pentium) exceedingly well. It just
isn't 100% Pentium compatible, which _does_ matter to Linux because it
uses every trick in the book (and some that may not be).

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