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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
Date (Eberhard Moenkeberg) writes:
> Stephen Tweedie ( wrote:
> : Actually, this is exactly what my "supermount" patches do (available
> :for 2.0 on in /pub/linux/supermount!). It
> :provides truly transparent removable media support for both floppy
> :and cdrom.
> : There are a couple of problems with the current release. Only msdos
> :and iso9660 filesystems are supported, and the door locking on 2.0
> :kernels means that you can't change disks on cdroms for many drives
> :which were OK on 1.2. The 0.5 releae of supermount is in progress
> :and under testing, and will address these deficiencies.
> My concept for changing data CDs is:
> say "umount /CD"
> watch the tray coming out
> fetch the old CD
> put down the new CD
> say "mount /CD"
> watch the tray slipping in Realized, years ago. You even can let
> it do by a robot arm. Standard Linux.

Hi Eberhard,

I know that you are very reluctant to accept conceptional changes to
the CD-ROM drivers, but you should really have a look at the
supermount patch. It is an extremely good and userfriendly idea. You
can still use the established way of mounting devices, which you just
described, but you are not limited to it. The approach that supermount
takes is often better suited to the needs of an exchangeable
medium. This is especially true if you have a device which cannot be
locked (floppy drive or some CD-ROM drives like my external
diskman/CD-ROM), as it does not cause harm if people forget to unmount
the device. I did not know that supermount was available for Linux
2.0, but I very strongly vote for it becoming part of Linux 2.0.1
(note! I did *not* say 2.1.0!). This patch should be part of all
standard Linux distributions as it makes the transition from DOS so
much easier ;-) --- ever tried what happens if you remove a floppy
disk without unmounting it? Unless this has been fixed recently and I
did not read an announcement in the KCS, doing so requires a reboot to
reenable floppy accesses!


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