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SubjectRe: Problem with sound driver in 2.0.0
In article <>,
Todd Graham Lewis <> wrote:
>As I remember it, there is a problem with (certain?) sound cards and
>(certain?) SCSI controllers. It relates to DMA usage by both of them
>It only happens under doom, I think, because doom's sound access keeps
>the DMA channel open long enough to coincide with SCSI events.

Well, it is documented in the Sound HOWTO that the PAS16 and the Adaptec
1542 don't coexist.

The only SCSI controller I have is on the PAS16, though. This is in a
Triton motherboard, and the only other cards are the graphics card (an
Orchid Farenheight 1280) and a NE2000 compatible card.

I get the problems when I try to play Doom, like someone else said. I
also get it when I try to use the "str" program from sound-utils-3.5.
Chris Adams (
"So, if anybody wants to have hardware sent to them: don't call me, but
instead write your own unix operating system. It has worked every time
for me." - Linus Torvalds, author of Linux (Unix-like) OS

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