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SubjectRe: Problem with sound driver in 2.0.0
Todd Graham Lewis writes:
> This has been raised before.
> As I remember it, there is a problem with (certain?) sound cards and
> (certain?) SCSI controllers. It relates to DMA usage by both of them
> It only happens under doom, I think, because doom's sound access keeps
> the DMA channel open long enough to coincide with SCSI events.

Actually, I figured out that the problem I was having with my SCSI disk
was related to queueing and not DMA. Since I set the tagged queue
length to 1 in the BusLogic SCSI driver I haven't had any problems
whatsoever with my SCSI disk, even under fairly heavy load and with the
card's DMA transfer rate turned up to 8 Mbyte/s.

On the other hand, the sound driver works (or fails to work) just as it
did before in DOOM, and after some random amount of time (usually 5-15
minutes of play) the sound stops and I get the "DMA (output) timed out -
IRQ/DRQ conflict?" messsage although no such conflict exists on my
system. I should also note that this happened when I had all IDE disks,
and so far I haven't seen any noticeable difference in this behavior as
a result of using SCSI instead of IDE.

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