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SubjectRe: Cyrix anyone?
> Try this: look at at the Pentium specs.
> Among them you will see that certain info is _NOT_ publically
> available about the Pentium's "special" features - you can sign
> an NDA to get the info though.

Heheh.. look on and its all there. The P6 manual is also
complete in most respects and they've not done anything stupid

> If another company was to copy this stuff to make a 100% Pentium
> compatible chip, you can bet the Intel lawyers would have a field day.

Not true.

> So it is impossible to make a Pentium(Pro) clone, but you _can_
> make a faster "mostly compatible" processor Like Cyrix has done.

Not true. More relevant however is that the basis of people like cyrix is making
very fast 386/486 clones and there isnt a lot to gain with the few new
instructions of a P5/P6.


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